05 March 2006


Can a Muslim, Jew and Christian blog together?

Welcome to Abe's Kids! We're still constructing the web site but please bookmark this link and come back soon.

In case you're wondering about our name, It comes from "Abraham's children" which puts us all in the same religious family. But, like many families, we aren't getting along very well these days! My hope is that this blog will become an example of how people can respectfully talk with each other while remaining true to their religious beliefs.

Here is the Wiki section on Abraham's Children:

Abraham "Father/Leader of many", (circa 1900 BCE) is regarded as a patriarch of Israelite religion, recognized by Judaism and later Christianity, and a very important prophet in Islam as well as in the Baha'i Faith. Traditions regarding his life are given in the Book of Genesis and also in the Qur'an.

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are sometimes referred to as the "Abrahamic religions", because of the role Abraham plays in their holy books and beliefs. In the Hebrew Bible and the Qur'an, Abraham is described as a patriarch blessed by God (the Jewish people called him "Father Abraham"), and promised great things. Jews and Christians consider him father of the people of Israel through his son Isaac; Muslims regard him as the father of the Arabs through his son Ishmael. In Christian belief, Abraham is a model of faith, and his intention to obey God by offering up Isaac is seen as a foreshadowing of God's offering of his son, Jesus. In Islam, Abraham obeyed God by offering up Ishmael and is considered to be one of the most important prophets sent by God. -- Wiki page on Abraham

And you're invited to join in with your comments.

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