JR Norton - Saving General Washington
Today's progressives have the traditional American values.

Glenn Greenwald - How Would a Patriot Act?
Another reflection on what it really means to be an good American



Michelle Shocked - Deep Natural
Michelle Shocked, a rockin' folk singer with a progressive conscience and a growing Chrstian faith

Jack Johnson - Curious George Soundtrack
A kid's CD that parents will also enjoy.

T Bone Burnett - The True False Idenity
After fourteen years, one of America's great producers has finally recorded his own music.


Behringer Eurorack UB502 Mixer
The Behringer Eurorack UB502 Mixer is a $35 professionsal audio mixer that solves many problems with getting audio in and out of your computer.

MiniDisc players
"MiniDisc players are much better because they are the easiest way to "steal" audio from other sources and enjoy them later."



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